Sunday, 10 August 2014

REVIEW: Soap and Glory Brow Archery

I have been searching for a simpler way to do my eyebrows, something more travel-friendly. I usually just use some chocolate eyeshadow and that does the trick, however it's a pain to have to keep washing my brushes. I had heard mixed opinions on this, some saying it was fairly difficult to work with, and others singing it's praises. I can say that I have loved it for everyday use, it's not as dark as the eyeshadow that I would usually use for a stronger brow, but this makes the look softer. The felt tip type end is meant to be used as a tint, however this is the bit that looks like it's doing nothing when it's actually just filling out some of the more sparse areas. The other end is more like a crayon and works to strengthen the arch itself. I find that it stays all day and is difficult to go wrong with this. It's a lot more convenient. For £10 it's not too bad, but I would say for a budget this probably isn't the best there is. For special occasions I tend to stick with the eyeshadow just because it's stronger and makes my brows more defined.

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What do you use to fill in your brows?

Monday, 4 August 2014

Zoeva Rose Gold Brushes

Sorry they're not clean, I was too lazy to wash them this time around
I never realised how much of a difference I would feel when I used makeup brushes instead of my fingers. It's smoother, softer, and probably a lot healthier for the skin (imagine the bacteria on your hands, ew). I'm sure you've read/seen many people rave about these brushes and I'm jumping on that train. Not only do they look beautiful but they apply your makeup so smoothly and like silk. I don't use all of them for their intended purposes but who cares...

My favourite out of the lot by far is the powder brush which I actually use as a bronzer brush but it does the job amazingly, making me look bronzed and spreads it evenly so I don't look orange and strange. It probably does just as good a job with powder but I prefer to use it with bronzer because until recently I didn't really use powder that much.

Whats your favourite makeup application method?

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