Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Kirby Hall; Day Out


Kirby hall is an old building that has a tonne of history and beautiful scenery, just outside of Corby, Northamptonshire, that is a wonderful day out. It's only small and would be one of the things I would say go to if you have a few hours spare, that need to be filled, on a day of visiting around the area. I went with two friends and had a great day venturing in and out of the various doors that left us walking in circles.

It was truly beautiful and had numerous large, elegant windows that lit up the rooms in an unbelievable way. It had an Italian feel *just look and the picture above* and had clever views that left you wondering what it would be like to live in this type of building.
There was one room dedicated to exploring the history of the building, and even had a miniature seating area for children that had books about previous queens, and were all based on the house so even the children can learn about the building.
They gave us a remote looking device that turned out to be the audio for the tour, however do not put this into your bag when you need the toilet, you end up leaving it in your bag and then going home with it, realising what you have done, and having to drive all the way back again in fear that they would think you had stolen it, why they would think that I would want one is beyond me but it was returned and they were very graceful about it and just laughed at my stupidity and let me use the toilet once again. 
Not only do you get to follow through the beautiful scenery, but they had numerous peacocks on site, which definitely confused me. I didn't know peacocks were a bird that would like to be around people, I thought the area would've inhabited ducks but, it definitely added to the feel of the countryside. The peacocks allowed you to get incredibly close, that one even guarded the door and would stand by it until you opened it and then would circle around and go back to where it was standing. 
I think Kirby Hall is an amazing place to go out with family, and small children would love the space they are able to run around in. They even have cute little knights costumes being sold in the shop, along with other child friendly souvenirs. Plus there are many adult friendly items, whilst we were there they were giving free tasters of their lemon curd, cherry jam, and two types of alcoholic beverage (I don't remember the names now).

Monday, 17 February 2014

Buttery lips

From left to right: Pink Truffle, Strawberry Shortcake, Candy Apple, Red Velvet & Tutti Fruitti
The Revlon lip butters are my current favourite everyday lip colour to wear, especially on school days where I find a bolder colour is definitely too much make up, and too much maintenance throughout the day. They have a moisturising texture to them and are clearly not matte at all, however, they nourish your lips and protect them from the lip biting stress of everyday life.

My personal favourite is Pink Truffle. It has a deep rosey colour that is subtle and looks effortless. It brings a little oomph to a natural everyday look. However, Red Velvet is such a close second that they are almost on an equal level, a deep reddy brown (mostly red, don't be scared by the 'brownish' tone), but I find Pink Truffle an easier colour to develop and tame on the lips throughout the day making it the perfect 'on the go' lip colour. I gathered colours one or two at a time as tastes change and styles change, but the colours are so diverse I find myself reusing the colours I had forgotten about previously and falling back in love with them all over again. I do find myself worrying that I will cave in to the urge to buy even more colours and eventually become overrun with every shade and then having too much choice and just moving on to a whole new project.

I usually pat the lipstick off a little before going out just to soften the colour and make it look more casual. I tend not to wear them on nights out, especially not for meals, as they can slide on the lips and need a little care when worn as a bold, solid colour. This is just 5 of the 20-something shades available at around £8.

Monday, 10 February 2014

Pink Glow

There has been a lot of hype recently around the pink/neutral eyeshadows (as seen by the urban decay naked 3 pallette) I am partial to a little pink, but I'm definitely not a girly girl. However, my latest discovery is the Maybelline 24 Hr colour tattoo in 65-Pink Gold. I got this in a Glossybox about 3 months ago and ever since a first (and pretty shabby) attempt to use it, I have fallen completely in love with it. It's simple to apply, no fuss. 

I wear it on it's own, and sometimes with Mac- Satin Taupe in the crease just to make it a little more special on those nights out. 

The colours completely compliment each other, and easy to put together for someone who isn't very confident with the whole contouring of the eyes (like myself, I'm certainly no expert) 

I haven't needed to buy a new one because it just seems to be never ending, even after it's daily use. I was shocked by the staying power alongside the ease of use. Once put on, it really doesn't budge at all. It's undoubtedly not the cheapest eyeshadow out there, however it's certainly not at all expensive at around £8 per eyeshadow, and worth it trust me.