Saturday, 21 September 2013

First post

I don't expect anything out of this, it's just a place that I can look back at when I want to buy something and see how well it has worked for me in the future.
However, if anyone else wants to read I thought that they could, this is why I'm starting with a '25 facts about me' type post so here it goes...

1. I'm 5 ft 1

2. I play piano (only a little though and not very well) 
3. i have 2 older sisters so I'm the baby of the family, they are 5 years and 7 years older than me
4. i'm studying my a levels in accountancy, economics and maths- boring I know but I'm good at them 
5. I have two fish- pepĂȘ and jacque and I'm getting another two called mushu and miko (from mulan and Pocahontas)
6. My favourite book is A fault in their stars, I know a lot of people like this book, but if you haven't read it then you need to!
7. my favourite film is The Odd Life Of Timothy Green, I watched this really recently, but it shot straight to the top of my favourites list. It's just a beautiful story of a couple who can't have children, and the husband decides to imagine what their perfect child would be, and the very next day a little boy just shows up in their life. It made the couple go through a journey and it just has a really sweet ending and I was close to tears it was so beautiful, and I'm sure this will be my favourite film for an extremely long time
8. my favourite ever perfume/body spritzer is the boots passionfruit natural collection spray, cause it's cheap and easily accessible and it doesn't matter how quickly you go through it cause it's only about £2
9. i love scrap booking but I never have enough time to do it, I recently joined glossy box and have so far managed to keep up with scrapbooking the products
10. I love to watch criminal minds. I love it so much I record it on the tv whenever a new series comes out 
11. the first concert I ever went to was the saturdays 
12. the only bone I've ever broken was my thumb (it's a weird story that I might explain in a future post)
13. I have tomato sauce with almost anything
14. when I was younger the only thing I would eat was weatabix, I had it 3 times a day 
15. my real names Philippa but I prefer to be called Grace. when I was brought home from the hospital my sisters didn't like the name my parents gave me, Philippa, but by this time I had already racked up a huge pile of hospital records and so my parents agreed for family to call me Grace and on official documents (all the boring stuff) it will say Philippa 
16. I have a reading list that has at least 10 books on it, and it'll probably take me forever to read through the list as every time I finish one 3 more seem to be added onto it 
17. my favourite place to be is a little weird as it's actually the aquarium, now I live in a town and so we don't really have any close aquariums (the closest being an hour and a half away) but I just love how the fish seem so serene and it can be very relaxing, calming and thought-provoking. It also reminds me that however nervous I get, I will be safe. I get very paranoid about silly things (which I guess is number 18) and so I always have these images and ideas that the fish tanks will break and I will be attacked by squids and sharks and other fishy animals
18. As I said in 17, I get very paranoid about the silliest things, mainly stuff that I might've said and think I've offended someone but actually haven't, I might even stay up all night worrying about it. Majority of the times I dream about little scenarios where things go wrong and then it makes me not want to do them, it's like the 'whats the worst that can happen' idea 
19. if I was confident enough, and new how to do it, i think I'd love to be on the radio, I listen to scott mills a lot, and it sounds like a lot of fun, I would just love it. However I'm not very good at precise speaking (as you can tell from my rambling) nor will anyone want to listen to my voice
20. i once got so anxious about going into a classroom at school I burst into tears. I was in year 7 and I'd just started school and I think every bit of anxiety built up over the first month of starting a new school all came out. It was rather embarrassing 
21. i have the weirdest anxiety. When I get anxious I get these spots on my arms and legs, they even hurt sometimes, but they look like bites
22. I have a fear of public transport. It's not chronic, it doesn't stop me from going on it however if I can avoid it I will. I don't know if it's the idea that people are judging you, or whether it's the accidents that people have on them that scares me (again with the paranoia ha) but I'd rather drive to places
23. I'm a little bit of a hoarder. I find myself keeping unnecessary items for example, ever since starting glossybox I haven't been able to throw away the bowes they came in so instead each box holds a different type of makeup. Yes this is a problem and yes I'm trying ever so hard to stop 
24. My main memories as a child is of my grandparents taking me and my 2 cousins on holiday to France and meeting up with my aunties old exchange student person, she's the loveliest woman I know and she's just so cute. However I haven't been in years and I should probably go sometime soon 
25. I've been to iceland. This may not seem very interesting but I think that it's pretty cool that I've had the chance to visit such a beautiful and peaceful country that has such history and intelligence. It might even be my favourite holiday. I had the chance to go because my school was doing a school trip for science and geography but they needed a specific number and so me and my friend decided to make up the numbers even though neither of us are or were doing science or geography